• *100% Natural and Safe for using in a variety of personal care : Facial Masks , Face and Body Scrubs , Lotions, Creams, Hair Care Products , Pressed Powders ,Liquid Foundations, mascara.
  • *Suitable for sensitive , dry and mature skin types. Smooth, shapeable texture ; Improved lash thickening ; Increase volume ; Reduced shine, oil and perspiration blotting ; Improved coverage , Increased wearability.
  • *Odorless , Excellent Absorbency ; Light Scattering; Light , Cleaning Effects
  • *Satisfaction Guaranteed : We take pride in our Kaolin KR which is why every order is backed by true quality assurance .
  • *100% Made in USA, ISO 9001 Certified

White Kaolin KR Cosmetic Grade/Personal Care Kaolin Clay Made in USA (4oz)

SKU: 364215376135199

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