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  • Pure, Reagent Grade – A brilliant white powder, our TiO2 is non-toxic, and safe for a wide range of natural or DIY solutions.
  • Versatile Uses – Titanium Dioxide can be used for a variety of product and crafts, including soap making, paints, pigments and more.
  • Advanced Dispersion – This premium formula disperses quickly and easily in oil and water.
  • High Gloss, Good Hiding and Good Weatherability
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – Pantai products are backed by reliability, purity, and excellent craftsmanship, which is why they’re backed by true quality assurance.

PTR-630 (8oz/0.5lb) Good for cosmetic uses

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Principal Application:

    High grade solvent-base paint,high gloss interior and exterior architecture paints,industrial paint,surface printing inks,powder coating,plastic master batch plastic profiles production etc.

    Outstanding Properties:

    High Gloss

    Easy to wet and disperse

    Super weatherability,strong hiding power

    Good whiteness and stable color phase in finished white product

    Fundamental Properties:

    Production Method-------------------------------------------------Rutile pigment by sulfate process

    Surface Treatment----------------Inorganic coatings by zirconia,aluminia and special organic treatment

    Classification(ISO 591-1)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------R2

    Specific gravity (ISO 787-10)-------------------------------------------------------------------4.0 g/ cm3

    TiO2 content--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------93.5% min.

    Volatiles at 105 when packing(ISO 787-2)--------------------------------------------0.5% max.

    Water solubles (ISO 787-2)--------------------------------------------------------------------0.5% max.

    Residues on 45 μm sieve (ISO 787-18)--------------------------------------------------0.05 % max.

    Rutile transformation rate------------------------------------------------------------------------98% min.

    Application Conditions:

    Oil phase whiteness (L*) ( Remarks 1)-------------------------------------------------------94.7-95.5

    Color Phase (b*) (Remarks 1)---------------------------------------------------------------------1.5-2.1

    Relative scattering power (ISO 787-24)--------------------versus standard sample (95-105)%

    Color in natural color system (ISO 787-25)------------------close to standard color △E≤0.3

    pH in aqueous suspension (ISO 787-9)----------------------------------------------------------6.5-8.0

    Oil absorption (ISO 787-5)-------------------------------------------------------------------≤20 g/100g

    Water extraction specific resistance (ISO 787-14)------------------------------------≥150 Ω ·M

    Dispersion in alkyd system by high speed mixing (Remarks 2)--------------------------30 μm


    Remarks 1: The determination of oil phase whiteness (L*) and color phase (b*): Grind Titanium Dioxide with flat abrasion tester to make film with thickness of 100 μm and then use colorimeter to calibrate with ASTM standard ceramic tile. To determine the surface of the film by indication with CIE L*,a* and b*.

    Remarks 2: The determination of alkyd system dispersion by high speed mixing: To determine by using fineness gauge after dispersion by high speed mixer in alkyd resin formulations. All other items are tested according to ISO standards.


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